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Our Project Team

Project team Activities involve a number of step-by-step activities to achieve a well-structured and organized sequence of works. This allows the project team and relevant contractors to systematically handle all the requirements for a successful handover of the project.

We pride ourselves in providing the following key benefits:


We establish early contact with the Client’s design team so that the project is well planned for the set out to meet with the Technical Challenge, Quality Standards, and Innovative Methods required for the successful completion.

We are flexible to perform partial or full scope within a project, whatever the circumstances are, we are there from the planning stage.

One Point Of Contact

Every Project will require several Sub-contractors to handle different scopes. The LAST TOUCH serves as a single point of contact for the Client, as our structure, experience and local knowledge will take care of this. Be it from simple task of painting to Fire fighting installation, we have a network of suppliers / sub-contractors long associated with us for specialized work.


It is imperative that the Client, Contractors, and the entire project team have a good line of communication and understanding of each other’s requirements.

For every Project, NOA TOUCH assigns a Project Manager to liaise with the team for the sequence of work, to ensure that every phase merges in line and overlaps with the progress between the contractors. Hence there are no conflicting timelines or varying costs.

The Client is given the privilege to contact the Project Manager to know the updates of the project at any given time.

Progress Report

NOA Project Team will monitor the progress and inspect installation works continually from the kick-off stage through fit-outs and beyond. The team will resolve any issues that may occur to evade any impact on the Project.

The Client will be updated constantly by way of Progress Reports through the course of the Project.

Approvals And Certifications

We do not limit ourselves with the Fit-out work; we are empowered to obtain license/ approvals from Municipality, DEWA, and Civil Defense.

We will contact the right point to take speedy approvals so that the work can actually get underway. We will liaise with the relevant local authorities to ensure system compliance as per the local requirements.

Quality End

We strive for excellence in every project we deliver, be it partial or full work scopes. We are committed to giving a quality end for the project that meets on time and on specification.

In the course of the project, it may be unavoidable to have snags or minor defects, but those are identified and rectified from time to time. A final cross-check is done for zero snags before the handover.

Completion to the utmost satisfaction of the Client is what we compromise for the quality end of a Project.

Establish Plant Performance Monitoring After Initial Handover.

Even after successful completion of the project, if deemed necessary, we will seek to establish plant performance after the initial handover.

Our team does not relax, so you can count on us until the Client’s Facilities Team takes over the site under their control.

NOA touch interior decoration believes that customers are the most valuable asset. Our WorkForce is committed to delight our customers by going the extra mile in our services and has kept pace with the increasing standard of quality.

Through our innovative furnishings, perfectionist MEP works and our commitment to excellence we make the effort to cherish long-term relationships with all whom we work with. And thus, you can be assured that you will be provided with THE BEST, here at NOA interior decoration.